At Porrelli customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we’re extremely proud of the high quality of our products. Please take a look at the views of some happy customers below who have taken time to forward on their appreciate for Porrelli.

I bought Porrelli’s Vanilla and Iron Brew ice cream for the first time last weekend for for the kids. The 2 of them duly got changed into their Irn Bru Onesies to settle down to Saturday night in front of the TV. I brought through a scoop of each flavour for them to try as a treat. The next thing I know Greg (the quiet man) leaps up and says “Dad! Please promise this is the only ice cream you’ll buy from now on?! Its AMAZING!” His sister agreed! So there you have it.
A huge endorsement from the Saini family!
Mike, Greg and Aisha Saini

The Saini family

Dear Enzo Durante,

Our family here in Linlithgow absolutely LOVE your Scottish Tablet vanilla ice cream! It’s brilliant too, that you make it here in Scotland, so is within easy grasp of our greedy mitts! Keep doing what you’re doing sir!

Best wishes,

David Szkudlarek and family