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3 Devilishly Good Halloween Treats

Halloween is all about sweet treats but also fun activities to give your little ones the spookiest day possible. If you’re looking for new ideas, we have just the right treat ideas for you, that are as easy as they are fun to make!

These are of course child-friendly, however, beware of their deliciousness…your little monsters might want to devour the whole lot in one go!

Ice Cream Witches

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Photo credit: Trendhunter

These grumpy little witches make a great Halloween treat for your kids and they’ll love decorating them! All you need is Porrelli Mint Chocolate ice cream, ice cream cones, dark chocolate and some sweeties for decoration.

You may find some chocolate cones in supermarkets, but making chocolate-covered cones will add to the fun! Simply melt some dark chocolate in a bowl and dip in regular cones until they are fully covered. Freeze them for an hour, then get to witch crafting

Cookie Spiders

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 Photo credit: Mummy Pages

The friendliest bugs your kids will ever meet! To make these 6-legged friends, all you need is some cookies, Porrelli Traditional Vanilla ice cream, some cola flavoured laces and blueberries for the eyes.

Simply sandwich 1 scoop of your ice cream in between two cookies, cut your cola laces in half and place 3 on each side into the ice cream. Cut your blueberries in half and place on top for eyes.

Bloody Sundaes

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Photo credit: Mr Food

Thirsty for blood? Try these sundaes!

All you need is Porrelli Traditional Vanilla or Porrelli Raspberry Ripple ice cream, some whipped cream and fresh raspberries for toppings and of course the drips of raspberry syrup to finish up this crime scene!

Grab our range of 500mL tubs at Asda or Sainsbury’s and create some delicious treats with your little devils this Halloween!