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At Porrelli, we manufacture luxury Italian style ice cream from our factory in Paisley, just 15 minutes outside of Glasgow. We are a close-knit, family run business and have been producing our original, traditional recipe Italian ice cream for over 90 years to the catering and retail industry.
We are suppliers of high quality frozen goods to the catering trade, frozen wholesalers, cash & carries and multiple retailers including Sainsbury’s and ASDA.
With a passion for innovation and high quality ingredients, our production team are constantly developing new and exciting flavours, as well as ensuring the quality and consistency of our award winning ice cream is exceptional.

Our History

  • Porrelli was established in 1925
    Porrelli was established by Gerardo Porrelli in 1925 when he immigrated to Scotland from San Biagio in Southern Italy. He settled in Paisley with his family and began to produce delicious ice cream using traditional recipes brought from his homeland.
  • In 2008 Porrelli refurbished their factory
    In January 2008 Porrelli moved production of their high quality Italian style ice cream to their ‘State of the Art’ ice cream factory. Upgraded equipment and processes has increased capacity to over 6000 litres of delicious ice cream every day.
  • 2015 was Porrelli’s 90th year
    We entered our 90th year in 2015 and today Porrelli is still very much a family business. The current Managing Director Enzo Durante is the grandson of the founder Gerardo and he is supported by his wife Ines and son Dario. Together they lead a very passionate team that is committed to delivering quality and service that has seen generations of people across Scotland enjoy Porrelli Ice Cream.

Our Ice Cream

Using our original recipe, the same base has been blended which has helped our success and has allowed us to develop over 100 different flavours of ice cream.
Our team source high-quality ingredients, flavours and inclusions from suppliers around the world to produce our luxury Italian ice cream. We use local Scottish double cream in all our dairy ice cream range to give it that special creamy flavour.
With a passion for innovation, we are renowned for creating unique and interesting flavours such as Scottish Tablet, Iron Brew, Turkish Delight and Italian Mascarpone & Amarena Cherry.
We produce a wide range of flavours in a variety of pack sizes to allow us to supply the catering and retail markets.

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Porrelli Ice Cream

Porrelli Ice-Cream from Porrelli on Vimeo.


We are extremely proud to be one of Scotland’s favourite ice creams and have been winning awards for many years. As well as winning Family Business of the Year at the 2014 ROCCO Awards, we have won numerous industry recognised National Ice Cream Awards for various flavours over the years.

First Award
Second Award
Third Award

Ice Cream Alliance


  • Diploma of Merit Blackcurrant Sorbet
  • Diploma of Merit Dairy Vanilla


  • Diploma of Merit Mint Choc Chip
  • Diploma of Merit Dairy Vanilla


  • Bronze Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl
  • Bronze Cherrymania
  • Bronze Mixed Berry Blast Sorbet
  • Bronze Medal – Blackcurrant Sorbet (ICA)


  • Diploma of merit Mint Chocolate chip
  • Diploma of merit traditional vanilla
  • Silver Belgian chocolate
  • Bronze Blood orange sorbet


  • Diploma of merit – Belgian chocolate
  • Silver challenge cup – Mango


  • Diploma of Merit Orange sorbet
  • Diploma of Merit Toffee
  • Diploma of merit Belgian chocolate
  • Diploma of merit cookies & cream
  • Diploma of merit peanut butter & jelly
  • Diploma of merit spiced plum


  • Bronze medal White Chocolate & Passion Fruit
  • Diploma of Merit – Dairy Vanilla
  • Diploma of Merit – HoneyComb
  • Diploma of Merit – Scottish Tablet
  • Diploma – Rasberry Ripple
  • Diploma – Mint Chocolate Chip


  • Bronze medal – Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Bronze Medal – Min Chocolate Chip
  • Special Diploma of Merit – Dairy Vanilla


  • Diploma of Merit – Chocolate


  • Bronze Medal – Strawberry
  • Special Diploma of Merit – Ice Cream
  • Diploma of Merit – Vanilla


  • Diploma of Merit – Strawberry


  • Silver Challenge Cup – Min Choc
  • Diploma of Merit – Orange Sorbet


  • Bronze Medal – Mango Sorbet
  • Diploma of Merit – Dairy Vanilla & Chocolate