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Christmas Sundae Ideas

With Christmas only days away, we are all looking for inspiration for our Christmas desserts and especially after the year we have all had, the easier the better! 

Amongst all the cakes, bakes and other desserts that require skills and patience, sundaes make a perfect choice that’s just as delicious, convenient and creative!  

 Here’s list of ideas for our favourite easy and creative Christmas Sundae ideas… 

 Traditional Vanilla with Biscoff topping  

Nothing can beat vanilla ice cream, and it’s a universal flavour that most enjoy. Biscoff goes perfectly with our creamy vanilla, and this incredibly simple yet effective combo is sure to please the whole familySimply scoop vanilla ice cream into your glass, top with Biscoff crumbles, and repeat before topping off the sundae with more crushed Biscoff. 

 Hazelnut & Chocolate Swirl with milk chocolate shavings 

This one is for the chocolate lovers amongst the familyUse 3 scoops of our Hazelnut and Chocolate Swirl flavour and top with milk chocolate shavings of choice. Be careful not to overload too much on the added chocolate or you might miss out on the rich, creamy and hazelnutty flavours which are unique to this bestselling flavour. 

  Belgian Chocolate with fresh strawberries 

Put a twist on the sophisticated chocolate-covered strawberries with this sundae. The richness of the chocolate and the freshness of the strawberries combine heavenly. Plus, it’s technically part of our 5-a-day, right? 

 Strawberry ice cream + Traditional Vanilla ice cream, with strawberry syrup drizzle 

homemade strawberry & vanilla swirl, that both adult and children will love.  Scoop 1 scoop of Strawberry and 1 scoop of Traditional Vanilla into a glass, then top with as much strawberry syrup as you like! A timeless combination! 

 Scottish Tablet with caramel syrup drizzle 

For those with a tooth sweeter than most, this sundae is rich in flavour and as sweet as it getsLine your glass with caramel syrup around the inner side edges and then start scooping in! 

White Chocolate & Orange with dark chocolate shavings 

If Christmas was a flavour, it would be this one. Chocolate and orange combine beautifully and create a perfect balance of rich and fruity. For this one, we recommend scooping into your glass and topping with shavings of dark chocolate for extra texture and flavour, this sundae will blow you away!  

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