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Enjoy Burns Night from Home

All celebrations call for ice cream, and Burns Night is no different. Of course, our usual Burns Night events are very different this year, but that’s not to say we can’t enjoy them the best we can with quality food, drink and (virtual) company. 

This Scottish celebration is dear to the hearts of many as it contributes to the culture and everything great about Scotland. Because Burns Night is all about traditions, it is only fair that it is reflected in the sweet treats you’ll eat that day.  

Here are the Porrelli flavours that couldn’t say “Made in Scotland” louder than if it was written on the pot (spoiler: it already is.) 

 Scottish Tablet 

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 Made with a proud Scottish delicacy, our Scottish Tablet is one of our most popular flavours. Combining the luxurious creaminess of our Scottish double cream base with the distinctive sweet and rich flavour of Scottish tablet, this is the ice cream that will not leave your side on Burns Night.  

 Our Scottish Tablet 500mL pots are available at Asda and Sainsbury’s. Check your nearest supermarket here 

  Iron Brew 

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 Inspired by the number one fizzy drink in the whole of Scotland, our Iron Brew ice cream is a distinct flavour like no other. Extremely popular in ice cream parlours restaurants we supply all around Scotland, our Iron Brew ice cream is enjoyed by all ages for a sweet taste of Scottish roots 

 Traditional Vanilla (with a twist) 

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Nothing beats a classic. Our Traditional Vanilla ice cream is everything you’d want in vanilla ice cream, and more. It is thick, high-quality creamy, with an authentic vanilla flavour.  

To elevate the flavour and celebrate Burns Night the proper way, ditch your dry January (if you haven’t already) and pour some scotch whisky over scoops of our Traditional Vanilla ice cream. 

 Our Traditional Vanilla 500mL pots are available at Asda and Sainsbury’s. Check your nearest supermarket here 

 Our Porrelli ice cream is crafted using locally sourced Scottish double cream, and made in Scotland, always and forever. We are proud to be the partner of your celebrations and wish you all a joyful Burns Night. Sláinte Mhath! 

 To place an order, please get in touch with us at [email protected] or call us on 0141 889 6390.