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Bake your day a little better with the perfect ice cream sandwich

It’s official – spring has sprung! Which means it’s time to put away the winter warmer recipes and bring out the delightful sweet summer treats. One of our favourite and timeless desserts is the Ice Cream Sandwich, so we couldn’t resist giving you a taste on how to make your own!
Your sandwich can be used with whatever takes your fancy, your favourite cookies, biscuits, brownies, waffles or even sponge!

We are going to take the traditional approach this time and make ours with the classic home-baked cookie.



Step 1
(Under) bake cookies

Make sure your cookie is not fully cooked all the way. Ideally, you want it to be chewy and pliable, but firm enough for you to hold.

Step 2
Cool your cookies

Leave your cookies to cool down for a few minutes. This will give your cookie the right kind of consistency. Hard and cool enough to hold your ice cream but soft enough to get the perfect bite experience!

Step 3
Take your Porrelli out of the freezer

The most important part of all… It’s time to choose your favourite flavour and take your Porrelli out of its hiding place. For this one, we are going to use a classic vanilla, but you can use whatever flavour compliments your sandwich.

Step 4
Cut your ice cream

For once, scooping is not advised!  To get the right kind of shape to your sandwich, you must cut your ice cream into strips or shave. Our carefully crafted ice cream has the perfect consistency for this kind of treat as its smooth texture allows you to craft instantly without having to let it soften first -nobody’s got time for that!

Step 5
Lay it on!

Gently lay your ice cream on into sections and smooth over with a teaspoon, layering up as you go. But don’t pile it on too thick- you’ll need to be able to get your mouth around your creation!

For extra effect, sprinkle the ice cream edges with chocolate chips or sprinkles. Or, if you want to really get the full experience, dip half of your sandwich into melted chocolate and re-freeze for later!

Step 6
Eat quick!

Once you have sandwiched your filling between the two cookies, don’t delay – time is of the essence!

Step 7

Go ahead and have another one…you know you want to!

Before you gobble up, don’t forget to snap yours, tag us using #PorrelliIceCream to be featured on our page!