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Ice Cream Sundae Made With Love

Valentine’s Day is the day for romantic gestures and food is the universal love language! We’re here to help you express your love in the sweetest way, literally.

This delicious sundae recipe will make your special someone’s heart melt, or for our lovely singles out there, treat yourself!

Either way, it’s made with love.


2 scoops Porrelli Strawberry

1 scoop Porrelli Double Cream Vanilla

Fresh strawberries

Strawberry or Chocolate sauce

Whipped cream

You can recreate this recipe just like we described it for a classic strawberries and creamy vanilla flavour, with fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce for a romantic twist.

Or, if you want to switch it up, the amazing thing about sundaes is that combinations are infinite! Get creative and choose whatever Porrelli flavours you think would be great together and create something delicious, your way!

Take a look at our full range of over 80 flavours for more inspiration! – https://bit.ly/2vBIGuF

Don’t forget to share your creation with us! #PorrelliIceCream