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Make your own Porrelli-inspired cake at home

For most desserts enthusiasts, nothing beats a classic cake, and classic doesn’t mean bland. For those who haven’t had a chance to try one of our cakes before, we are sharing a recipe to make your own Porrelli-inspired Frutti Di Bosco for you to try at home!  

 To recreate this Italian take on a classic berry tart, you’ll need to use the following method:  


 Shortcrust pastry  

Double cream 

-Caster sugar 

-Vanilla extract  

Mixed berries (blueberries, red currants & raspberries) 

-Icing sugar 


 – Add double cream to a large bowl  

 With an electric whisk, whip the cream and the sugar until it starts thickening  

– Keep whisking and slowly add vanilla extract to the cream (approx. half teaspoon of vanilla extract) this will form your own home-made chantilly 

-Once the texture is thick and fluffy, cover and chill for 10 minutes 

 If you are short for time (or just want to skip to the good part) you can buy pre-made shortcrust pastry from most supermarkets.  

 -Fill the shortcrust with the Chantilly, spread generously and evenly.  

-Make sure the layer is thick enough, then refrigerate for 30 minutes  

-Top with mixed berries and dust icing sugar for dressing  

 This cake is best served alongside our 500ml tub of Traditional Vanilla which can be found in Asda or Sainsburys across Scotland.  

 Create and enjoy this delicious Italian dessert at home!  

If you’d rather leave it to us, check out our catering range of cakes and get in touch with us to place an order! Contact us at [email protected] or 0141 889 6390.