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Season’s Eatings with Porrelli

Season's Eatings with Porrelli

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean it’s not ice cream weather! The festive period is chock-full of desserts that lend themselves well to ice cream and we have sourced some delicious desserts that’d be perfect for after Christmas dinner, on Boxing Day and well… any day up to the 1st of January.


Ice cream stuffed panettone

For a classic Italian dessert with a twist! Panettone is a traditional Italian sweet brioche-like bread, similar to fruitcake. It originates from Milan and is beloved not only by Italians but also throughout Europe and North America and is available from most major supermarkets at Christmas time.

This recipe is super easy but looks magnificent enough to wow your guests and fool them into thinking you spent hours in the kitchen crafting the perfect dessert. All it involves is scooping out some of the cake from the inside, filling it with softened ice cream and mixed berries then freezing for a few hours. All that’s left to do is dust with icing sugar or the topping of your choice before serving and voila!

Goes perfect with: Double Cream Vanilla

Get the recipe: Ice cream stuffed panettone


Alaskan yule log

A cross between an arctic roll and baked Alaska, this is a dessert just made for winter! This ice cream filled chocolate log topped with meringue is a little higher on the difficulty scale but the extra effort involved is sure to be worth it. The recipe calls for a vanilla ice cream centre but we think Belgian Chocolate would work just as well if you want an extra chocolatey treat!

Goes perfect with: Belgian Chocolate or Double Cream Vanilla

Get the recipe: Alaskan yule log


Christmas pudding and ice cream sundae

Probably one more suited to the days after Christmas, this dessert uses up any leftover Christmas pudding you may have lying around and takes just 20 minutes of prep time. Crumbled Christmas pudding with cranberry sauce, mulled wine and toasted flaked almonds… it doesn’t get more festive than that. Just be sure to have a spare pud stashed away, just in case your guests are greedy and finish it all.

Goes perfect with: Double Cream Vanilla

Get the recipe: Jamie’s leftover Christmas pudding and ice cream sundae